PROVITEC Waterfilter
The PROVITEC Drinking Water System Your own spring water at home …

Your Benefits

An own quality assurance becomes more and more important. Thus, it is all then more important to give attention to safety and quality without to sacrifice performance.

Your guests will be thrilled by your own water composition

Taste with fruits, berries, herbs or other ingredients. Hot water with ginger and anise, or freezing cold with lime and mint. For your guests water is more than a normal drink. There is a dining experience! Now you can in addition to the wine list a water-card with your own creations offer …

Self-protection of water quality without contamination

Almost all foods are prepared or cooked with water. Vegetables and fruit are washed, while we use water for coffee and tea. Part of our “drinking” water is used after boiling, but some chemical substances and contaminants cannot be eliminated this way and, along with the food, they easily find their way into our bodies. On average, a 60-year-old has consumed about 55,000 litres of water during his lifetime. Considering these quantities, it is only logical that we are demanding healthy, uncontaminated water.

Of course, only an ecological way of dealing with Nature is the long-term answer to such a calamity. However, if we want to be sure now and not only in the future that we are not putting our health at risk even further, it seamsthat we need to take our own initiatives for reliable drinking water treatment.

Best water quality directly from your water tap
Better-tasting and better- smelling drinking water and for cooking
Help the environment
Better for health
No more pet bottle pollution
Living Water. Water crystal by Dr. Masaru Emoto
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