PROVITEC Waterfilter


Nationwide renowned institutes confirm the quality with top marks.

15 Years of Research and Development Work!

Prototypes have been revised and checked in long-term studies on all relevant factors, repeatedly over a period of 15 years. Nationwide renowned testing institutes confirm that there is currently no water treatment system in the same quality and with the same security guarantee, as the PROaqua 4200 Basic and Premium units.

Our globally unique water system, (registered FDA -US-American authority for food and drug safety) with integrated and hygiene-certified membrane filter has already passed strict checks by independent institutes and governmental agencies.

The available reports of institutions underline the successful implementation of a natural filtration and vitalisation of your drinking water through our water system.

Excerpt from different test series of PROaqua 4200

Operated by independent analytical laboratories:

For example, State Agency for Healthcare, Industrial Institute of Bavaria, State Office for Water Management, Max-von-Pettenkofer-Institut, ESWE Institute for Water Research and Water Technology GmbH, etc.

amongst others, it was examined and tested by:
Stiftung Warentest (Product Testing Foundation) (Test in January 2001)
Bavarian Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection
Institute Max-von-Pettenkofer for Clinical Virology
Bavarian Healthcare Institute
ESWE-Institute GmbH
Industrial Institute Bavaria / State Offi ce for Public Health
excellent results