PROVITEC Waterfilter
Filter configuration
The filter units can be equipped with the cartridges: for example. with 3 large cartridges, or 2 large and 2 small cartridges, or 1 large and 4 small cartridges, or 6 small cartridges.
The PROVITEC drinking water filter is made of recyclable materials which comply to food regulations.
The PROaqua 4200 can be configured in more than 100 different ways according to the pollution and to suit the user's needs and wishes.
Technical data: Volume of filter medium 3,9 - 4,2 Ltr. Flow rate max. 2,5 Ltr./Min. (3 bar)* Flow rate - Commercial version max. 4,5 Ltr./Min. (3 bar)* Costs per regeneration approx. 0,50 USD Regeneration volume approx. 30 ltr. Overall height 45,6 cm Max. diameter 22,7 cm Empty weight (standard device) approx. 8,5 Kg Max. operating pressure 4 Bar *Flow rate dependent on the used fittings and connected devices.
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