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What purposes can the filtered drinking water be used for?

Drinking water purified by the PROaqua 4200 filter is perfectly suitable for cooking, drinking, washing vegetables, preparation of baby food, facial cleansing, watering plants or feeding pets etc.

The PROaqua 4200 drinking water can be plugged to all tubes that allow quantities of max. 2,5 l/min., e.g. in households (kitchen sink), in caravans, on private boats, etc.

How is the PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter connected to the water supply system?

Usually, PROaqua 4200 drinking water filters are installed beneath the kitchen sink, the drinking water is then drawn from a special tap. The old fittings can be used for washing and cleaning. The average installation for a filter unit takes about 30 minutes.

Why is the PROaqua 4200 not installed directly in the central domestic water supply?

The average water consumption per day and person in Europe is approx. 140 liters. Only 3 liters of this amount are used as drinking water. The remaining water is used for body hygiene, to flush the toilet, to wash cars, to water the garden, etc. Treatment of water for domestic use is unnecessary, uneconomical and also not ecological.

Can the PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter also be used with hot water?

No. The activated carbon, the ion exchangers and the dolomite rocks should only be used with cold water (max.35°C). The filter media would certainly not be destroyed by hot water, however, after a longer period of time the filter’s efficiency might be negatively affected.

Do the filter media used in the PROaqua 4200 comply with food regulations?

Yes. All the filter media used comply with food regulations and are subject to severe controls. The high quality was awarded with the "GS" quality seal.

What should be done if the filter is not used for a long time?

If the filter has not been used for a long time (more than 4 weeks), it should be regenerated. If the filter has not been used for a short time only (3 days), there is no need to regenerate it. Let 10 liters of water run through it in order to remove the old water from the filter.

How long does it take to regenerate a PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter?

In the case of an average nitrite content of approx. 100 mg/l. and the respective filter configuration, a regeneration is required every 8 - 12 weeks. The preparation of the regeneration of the PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter takes approx. 3 minutes, the regeneration of the filter media approx. 2 hours. The regeneration does not need to be watched. Then it takes approx. 3 minutes to reconnect the filter to the system.

Does the so-called "channelling effect", which hinders optimal filtering, occur with the PROaqua 4200?

No. On the one hand the filter media are filled in rather tightly and they are embedded into the filter in a way that prevents displacement.On the other hand, the design and internal structure of the filter avoid the formation of a channel. All tests carried out proved this.

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