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optimal water filtration
The requirements for optimal drinking water treatment are complex. But they are not impossible.
► radioactive substances ► nitrate, nitrite ► agricultural pesticides ► dissolver ► residues of pharmaceuticals ► hormones ► heavy metals, uranium ► bacteria, parasites, viruses ► "limescale" ► and a lot more.
amongst others, it was examined and tested by:
With excellent results. For more information about the test series see certification
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about our technology
no power
There is no additional power required. You save money.
about our technology
no wastewater
Only just for regeneration every 2-3 months about 30 Lt. needed..
about our technology
no chemistry
only salt for regeneration every 2-3 months.
about our technology
We provide 24 months warranty on all body parts.
about our warranty
German renowned institutes confirm the quality with top marks.
about our certificates
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the drinking water system PROaqua 4200 presented In this short film... <german language>
water quality
What the experts say about the water quality, did all problem substances are retained?
Remove of polluted substances such as:
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