PROVITEC Waterfilter
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REGENERATION technical description
The raw water flows through the connection kit (main valve, pressure reduction valve, regeneration valve) and the red inlet hose into the bottom of the filter casing. The pressure regulation system limits the water inlet to max. 2.5 l/min (industrial model 4.5 l/min). In the first filter level, the water runs through the gravel bed filter, where a gravel layer retains suspended particles and sediments. This is when the filtration proper starts in thedifferent cartridges adjusted to the respective water contamination. The cartridges are cylindrical containers made of PP plastic and equipped with a permeable plastic grid on the top and bottom. “Rinsing” of the filter mechanisms inside the cartridges isavoided by filter fleeces made of polypropylene needled felt, 200μ. The volume changes of the filter mechanisms are also balanced by filter fleeces. After complete filtration of all the chemical substances in the different filter cartridges, the water flows through a specially prepared medical membrane fi lter, which retains and eliminates completely all bacteria, parasites and microorganisms. The fi ltration stage is now finished. Now the chemically and microbiologically impeccable drinking water can flow through the outlet hose to the tap or outlet fittings.
assembly for regeneration
For regeneration, the filter device is turned upside down and the hoses are connected in inverse order. The red inlet hose is connected to the socket on top of the filter device and the blue outlet hose to the socket on the bottom of the filter device. The counter current regeneration guarantees an optimum cleaning of all the filter mechanisms and the membrane filters. By means of the inverse position of the filter device for regeneration, the contaminants are driven directly out from the bottom layers of the device. Not even the gravity of the water affects the stream conditions inside the filter mechanisms. A detailed description of the regenerationprocess is to be found in the user manual. More detailed information can be provided on request.
Regeneration of the filter materials and mechanisms
The PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter is easily regenerated by the user him/herself, with regular maintenance costs being approx. €2/year. Regeneration should take place approx. every 3 months; in special cases more often, when: • the absorption capacity of the nitrate or lime resin is exhausted. Example: In cases of a nitrate load of approx. 100 mg/l and a consumption of approx. 10 l/day, regeneration is recommended as from a nitrate leakage of approx. 10 mg/l, which corresponds to an interval of approx. 12 weeks. • after a long filtering period, the germ filter is obstructed more and more by bacteria (this is noted by a reduced flow rate from2.5 l/min to e.g. 1l/min). • the filter is used for the first time or after a long period of disuse. • cartridges or membranes have to be replaced.