PROVITEC Waterfilter


The filter media in PROaqua 4200 are made with the highest quality and of food-grade materials.

Membrane filter

It has been demonstrated that the specially prepared membrane filter retains and eliminates completely all kinds of bacteria, parasites and microorganisms.

Public Authorities often criticise water filters because “in cases of insufficient maintenance they can provoke the development of bacteria, parasites and microorganisms being conveyed into the drinking water”,but with the PROaqua 4200 this is absolutely not the case.

The membrane filter is also used in serological and medical applications and meets maximum safety requirements.

It goes without saying that the PROVITEC PROaqua 4200 drinking water treatment filter consists of recyclable, food-safe materials that do not contain any plasticizers, dissolvents or adhesives.

Active carbon

The organic substances to be found in drinking water (eg. Pesticides, volatile halogen hydrocarbons, chlorine, residues of drugs and antibiotics, etc.) are adsorbed/ absorbed by a special activated carbon. The activated carbon granulates used in the PROaqua 4200 are obtained from coconut rind through a charcoal process and have a much higher absorption capacity than conventional activated carbon.

Selective anion exchanger

Nitrate and nitrite ions are exchanged with chloride ions (component of common salt) by means of a selective anion exchanger. The remaining absorption capacity of the ion exchanger can be checked easily and quickly with the available test rod for nitrates (1 minute).

If the colour indicates a quantity of nitrate of more than 10 mg/l, the filter should be regenerated. In conventional nitrate water filters, the anion exchanger cartridge would have to be replaced.

The PROaqua 4200 is different. “Counter current regeneration” is easily carried out by the user him/herself who can clean and disinfect all filter mechanisms. The same applies to the cation exchanger. Regeneration costs, necessary about every three months, amount to approx. €0.50. Regular costs for filter cartridges or membranes are not necessary.

The ion exchangers used in the PROVITEC PROaqua 4200 water treatment filter can be regenerated more than 1,000 times. Therefore its service life far exceeds 25 years.

REDOXOL Granulates

The “REDOXOL” granulates used in the PROaqua 4200 produce spontaneous oxidation-reduction processes and obtain filter effects that also occur in nature. Specially treated copper and zinc react to a great number of inorganic substances, heavy metals and trace elements (e.g. lead, cadmium, nickel, copper, iron, manganese, uranium etc.) and eliminate them.


Certain minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are favourable and even necessary from a nutritional point of view. If they are not contained in the raw water, with the Dolomite rocks they can be added to the treated water up to saturation.

Sediment cartridge

The sediment cartridge is used at elevated sediments and suspended solids in the raw water.

Empty housing

It can be use for rock crystals, ceramic pipes, minerals, etc.

The PROVITEC drinking water filter is made of recyclable
materials which comply to food regulations.